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Manufacture and sale of industrial adhesives

Strive for the best results! Always confirm that quality and availability are not idle words for our company. It is a result of high efficiency activities of our employees and strict quality control. Constantly be among the leading companies in the respective industry by strengthening the position of "Lux-S" Ltd at the market, constantly improve competitiveness both in price and quality - this is one of the most important aims of our company.

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“Lux-S” Ltd is an distributor of hot-melts of trademarks of Beardow Adams (Adhesives) Ltd (UK) in Russia.

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We constantly advise our customers on how to correctly apply glue for certain equipment


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Best price

Buying from us, you get the goods at the best price on the market directly from the manufacturer.



Economical consumption of glue


100% guarantee of terms

The glue is constantly in the warehouse.

Direct from the manufacturer

You get a 100% quality guarantee for the whole period of cooperation, technological support is completely free!