Glue Production


Continuous development of CJSC “Lux” is possible due to high-efficient management, strong control of quality at every step of manufacturing process:

  • Certificate of approval is issued for each batch of products without any exception.
  • Incoming control of raw materials is performed by certified production laboratory in accordance with regulative documentation.
  • Our technologists and Quality Department have strict control over all technologic and quality parameters during manufacturing process and before delivery to customer.
  • All measurements of rheological and adhesion parameters are performed with approved and reliable equipment.
  • Lead experts of our company have designed specific procedures for acceptance, storage and distribution of raw materials for production, our process schedule and control methods are well-run and streamlined.
  • To provide 100% quality we select umpire samples from all batches of finished products and keep them within all the warranty period.
  • Our manufacture is equipped with all necessary instrumentation such as: water reserves, alternating sources of electricity, heating and cooling.
  • To ensure warranty and fulfill all liabilities for customers as well as prevent circumstances of insuperable force we keep in warehouse reserves of raw materials and finished products providing uninterrupted operation of manufacture thereby.