Glue Production


As the largest Russian producer of cold water-soluble adhesives CJSC "Lux-S" offers a wide range of industrial adhesives under the trademark "Lux” TM.



  • Gluing of a block into the cover
  • Laminating
  • Cover formation
  • Materials with complex polymer coating

Modern publishing market requires products of high quality which depends among other factors on the correct choice of technological procedures of the product and consumable materials processing. Wrong selection of adhesive non-conforming to the equipment type, materials and the book block design may spoil an almost finished batch.

Adhesive binding is one of the lead ways of books, magazines and brochures production. The difficulty of publishing materials is increasing and reliable bond of paper blocks of different types becomes an important competitive advantage for publishing houses. That’s why adhesive has strategic importance for the suppliers of consumable materials:

Depending on the application requirements, application conditions, materials and equipment specifics we recommend to use adhesives of groups: