Glue Production

Cleaner Fullbond -OUT-

Specifications of cleaner Fullbond -OUT-

Type of cleaner:

Organic chemical material and natural resources materials are mixed liquid hotmelt cleaner

Application field:

Cleaning of nachine surfaces thet is used with hotmelt adhesive

Application system:

Good results with Fullbond cleaner is obtained at room temperature. Fullbond liquid cleaner is applied by spray and clean with cloth. If you need please proceed again. Machines will be cleaned then

Technical informations:

Application temperature: room temperature

Viscosity: low viscosity

Color: yellowish liquid

Odor: specific

Shape: fluid liquid


Please check the machine surface before using Fullbond cleaner. Some materials like rubber sealings can be damaged by Fullbond cleaner


Store in a dry and cool place in closed original packaging 8 month from the production date without changing product properties


In drums