Glue Production

Cleaner Tamtut HMA

Specifications of cleaner Tamtut HMA

Type of cleaner:

Solid, white, odorless hotmelt cleaner

Application field:

In automatic carton packaging production lines for hotmelt applicators. Cleaning of nozzles, hoses and tanks

Application system:

It is put into the hotmelt tank and heated at 160 - 170 C, then start up the pump. Tank, hose and nozzles will be cleaned then

Technical informations:

Application temperature: 140 - 160 C

Drop point: 108 - 112 C


Viscosity at 120 C: <20 mPa.s

Density: 0,94 gr./cm3 at room temperature

Color: white

Odor: odorless

Shape: white prill

Flash point 200 - 220 C

Packaging: in sacks 25 kg net