Glue Production


Created using high-quality raw materials and an improved manufacturing process, Beardow & Adams Adhesives Ltd (UK) for printing, provides excellent page strength and reliable adhesion in a wide range of materials: from newsprint to dense or coated, provide reliable fixation of pages, strong fixing of the cover and accuracy of the roots in the production of various types of printed products.

  • Adhesive or stitchless fastening;
  • Unbonded fastening of the block with preliminary perforation of the root fold;
  • Flexible binding;
  • Books in hardcover;
  • Gluing notebooks, tear-off blocks, magazines, directories, books;
  • Lateral sizing;
  • Bonding / gluing of liners, samples, advertising products.
Type of product:
Adhesives-melts based on synthetic polymers.
Bonded materials:
  • Plain paper;
  • Paper without wood pulp;
  • Coated paper;
  • Paper with a thick coating (for example, for catalogs);
  • Thin paper (for example, for Bibles, dictionaries);
  • Embossed or laminated cover material;
  • Plastic and metallized foil, used for advertising inserts.
Adhesive-melts for printing company "Beardow Adams" are produced under the trademarks of VAM ™ and VAMFutura ™

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