Glue Production

Assembling products

The "Beardow & Adams" (Adhesives) Ltd (Great Britain) construction adhesives allow manufacturers to improve product quality and aesthetic appearance, providing reliable grip without nails, screws and other fasteners, which can be unattractive and expensive to assemble.

  • Household items;
  • Mattresses;
  • Automotive industry;
  • Filters;
  • Building;
  • Telecommunication cables;
  • Household appliances, electrical engineering and lighting.
  • Type of product:
Adhesives-melts based on synthetic polymer.
Product properties:
  • Color from transparent and white to dark amber;
  • Excellent adhesion at low temperatures;
  • High tensile strength;
  • Good heat resistance;
  • Non-toxic, ecological compatibility;
  • Suitable for high production speed;
  • The consumption of the adhesive depends on the type and condition of the equipment, the temperature and the method of application, the surfaces to be glued;
  • Do not oxidize and damage during operation rubber and metal parts of equipment.
Structural hot melt glues for the assembly of BeardowAdams products are produced under the trade names VAM ™ and Prodas ™

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