Glue Production


A strong and reliable adhesive is fundamental to successful packaging. Many customers around the world trust the quality of Beardow & Adams products (UK), as the company offers high-quality hot melt adhesives for the global packaging industry.


  • Manufacture of packaging for the pharmaceutical industry;
  • Manufacture of packaging for food industry;
  • Bonding of lids on cardboard bags for the production of beverages on Tetra-Pack equipment (SlimCap, StreamCap, ReCap);
  • Gluing of cardboard boxes, trays and boxes;
  • Production of pallets;
  • Bonding "straws".
  • Type of product:
Adhesives-melts based on synthetic polymer.
Product properties:
  • Color from transparent and white to amber;
  • No odor;
  • High thermal stability - provides lower maintenance costs;
  • Self-cleaning effect - reduces downtime costs;
  • Non-toxic, ecological, ideal for the food and pharmaceutical industry;
  • Compatible with most packaging machines;
  • Does not oxidize and damage during operation rubber and metal parts of equipment;
  • the consumption of the adhesive depends on the type and condition of the equipment, the operating temperature, the packaging material and the surfaces to be bonded.
Adhesive-melts for packaging by Beardow Adams are produced under the trademarks of VAM ™, VAMFutura ™ and Prodas ™


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